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Jasper Hinton Air


Paddle boarding

Mount Robson Tour

Jasper Hinton Air is the only locally owned and operated helicopter company in the Jasper Hinton area.


 20 years flying local experience.

This is our playground & we can't wait to share it with you!

Jasper Helicopter Tours

Indigenous Cultural Heli Tours

Jasper  Heli  Elopements

Heli  Proposals

Love is in the air! The most unforgettable way to propose in Jasper. 

All ages welcome

We operate a Bell Helicopter 206 long ranger, which seats up to 6 people and it flies fast!

Perfect for families with infants and great grandparents.

Heli Yoga

Like nothing you've ever experienced

Heli Yoga

Like nothing you've ever experienced!

Conveniently Located

At the Jasper Hinton Airport- we're the closest helicopter operator to Jasper, by a long shot.

Spend your time flying, instead of driving!

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