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Jasper Helicopter Tour


Gift Cards

A Jasper Helicopter Tour is an amazing gift for someone you love or really appreciate! Jasper Hinton Air has you covered with a couple of options.

Our Gift cards never expire

eGift Cards

Quick, any dollar amount, emails to recipient when you choose



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Customized Gift Certificates

​For a specific tour, no visible dollar amount, printable


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eCard - Please know that once this eCard is purchased and email is scheduled to be sent to the recipient the date and message cannot be changed, so choose wisely!

Which Tour or Adventure would you like to give?

For a more traditional gift certificate! 

No dollar amount will show, you can even print it and put under the Christmas tree or in a card!

Simply fill in your information, choose a helicopter tour you'd like to give, then give us a couple days to put together something beautiful for you and your loved one! We'll email you an invoice and the gift certificate as soon as possible:)

An example of our printable gift certificates!

Questions about our gift cards and certificates? 

Call or text us!