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Mount Robson Helicopter Tour

90 minutes

$3000 + GST

1-6 passengers

700lb maximum

90 Minute

Mount Robson Helicopter Tour


Just imagine the sites you'll see in 90 minutes in your own private helicopter.

This 90 minute Mount Robson Helicopter Tour is for those who want to step it up a notch. When an hour isn't enough, we'll fly you above and between the peaks and into areas few people can access. Seemingly untouched landscapes where roads don't exist because of the sheer ruggedness of this country. This is the stuff adventure seekers dream of.

And we can't wait to take you there!

Mount Robson Heli Tour photos

Discover the Canadian Rockies from a Whole New Perspective

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Jasper Hinton Air, and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains on our exclusive Mount Robson Helicopter Tour. This 90-minute adventure will take you soaring through pristine valleys, offering breathtaking views of towering peaks and the iconic Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies.

Unveiling the Enchanting Mount Robson

With its commanding presence, Mount Robson stands as a symbol of natural grandeur. Rising to an impressive height of 3,954 meters (12,972 feet), this majestic mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a sight to behold. On our helicopter tour, you'll witness the sheer magnitude and splendor of Mount Robson up close, as we glide over its peaks and valleys, revealing its captivating beauty from every angle.

A Journey Through Nature's Masterpiece

As we venture beyond Mount Robson, our scenic flight takes you through a tapestry of stunning landscapes that define the Canadian Rockies. Marvel at the rugged mountain ranges, lush forests and cascading waterfalls that create a backdrop of unparalleled natural beauty. Our experienced pilots will guide you through hidden valleys and along glacier-fed rivers, providing a captivating aerial perspective of this untamed wilderness.

Unforgettable Memories and Incredible Photo Opportunities

Capture memories that will last a lifetime as you witness the pristine beauty of the Canadian Rockies from the comfort of our state-of-the-art helicopters. With unobstructed views from every seat, you'll have the perfect vantage point to snap breathtaking photos of Mount Robson and the surrounding landscapes. Immerse yourself in the moment as you take in the sights, sounds, and fresh mountain air.


The Details

  • Duration: This exclusive Mount Robson Helicopter Tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, allowing ample time to immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the Canadian Rockies. The entire experience including check in, safety briefing, extra photos with the helicopter will be about 2 -2.5 hours, so please leave enough time in your travel schedule! Nobody likes rushing on their vacation:)

  • Cost: The cost of this unforgettable experience is $3,000 CAD plus GST. Please note that prices are a reservation of the whole helicopter that can seat up to 6 people.  So if you have a group of 6 people, you can split the cost and it would only be $500 plus GST per person! We do not combine groups on this heli tour.  

  • Weight Limit: Please note that for our longer flights we do have a weight limit of up to 700lbs, so it's perfect for a family with children!

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and discover the magic of Mount Robson and the Canadian Rockies from a whole new perspective. Book your Mount Robson Helicopter Tour with Jasper Hinton Air today and prepare for an experience that will leave you in awe of nature's magnificence.


Disclaimer: All tour routes are subject to weather conditions and may be modified or canceled for safety reasons. Jasper Hinton Air prioritizes the safety and well-being of our passengers at all times.

Weather cancellations








Heli- picnics

The Mount Robson Helicopter Tour is just one example of what we can do in 90 minutes with the fastest touring helicopter in the area. But this doesn't have to be the average helicopter tour! A 90 minute Jasper Helicopter tour can be whatever you'd like it to be. Have an idea of where you want to go? Let's discuss a spectacular experience for your group. From snow covered peaks and valleys home to crystal clear blue water, let's co-create your ideal flight with Jasper Hinton Air.

mount robson helicopter tour

Not sure where you want to go? Thats ok! We know this area extremely well anyway, it's our home and we'd love to put together a great flight plan for you.The hidden gems are our specialty and you'll love what we can put together for you. Fly along a mountainous ridge line, descend into a deep valley, see all the neat historical sites in the area. The sky isn't the limit, it's your playground on this Mount Robson helicopter tour. 

6 Passengers


per person

5 Passengers


per person

4 Passengers


per person

3 Passengers


per person

2 Passengers


per person

We do not combine groups on the Mount Robson Helicopter Tour

Brad from Saskatoon- 90 minute Jasper helicopter tour review, Spring 2022: What an incredible thing to do in Jasper! I highly recommend the 90 minute tour, it just gave us so much time to relax and enjoy the experience and make it all the way to Mt Robson, which is this incredible beast of a mountain. Being from the prairies it was awesome to see the Rockies just from the ground, but seeing them from air and getting up close and personal with them was mind blowing. I've honestly never experienced anything like this. The pilot was just as excited to take us up and show us around. You could tell she was proud to show off her homeland and it wouldn't have been the same without a local pilot. Jasper Hinton air took the time to make this a really special experience for us, answered all our questions on the phone,  helped us pick a tour that would suit our family, were professional, and even helped us out with our cameras to ensure we had exceptional video and photos of the experience. They were incredibly patient and knowledgeable, you could tell they were had done this a lot and were eager to make it the best tour they could possibly make it. Some of the best money I've ever spent.

James from Toronto- 90 minute Jasper and Mount Robson Helicopter Tour Review, Spring 2022- This was awesome. The kids and I were so excited to go we arrived 2 hours early and thankfully the pilot was able to accommodate us, instead of us waiting around. The flight was absolutely incredible and we even got to land on a mountain top. We got out and took some photos and it was just mind blowing standing there, feeling like we were the only ones in the entire world. I'm not a climber so this was the only way I could ever feel this sensation! haha The flight was a little bit bumpy due to some turbulence in the air but the pilot made us feel comfortable through out and even warned us seconds before the bumps, these pilots know the area so well they knew exactly where the bumps are! Very professional in my opinion. If I had to make any recommendations it would be to book this the first day you're in Jasper, because you may need to postpone for a few days due to weather. To think we almost missed out on this! Our family did a heli tour in Hawaii and I have to say this was way better, more exciting and pilot was more engaged and willing to share their love of this amazing place.


Bring some friends and split the cost

maximum weight 700lbs


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