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Into to the mountains I go  to lose my mind and find my soul


1 - 6 yogi's

750lb max for all people and gear

June to September

- Fly out into Canadian Rocky mountains in a privately chartered long ranger helicopter with your favourite yogis. Tour around the incredible landscape and take in the awe inspiring views.

- Bring your own instructor or Kristie your pilot has 20 years experience teaching yoga and is happy to lead a class to your liking

- Land on a mountain top suitable for a yoga practice session, (weather dependent - a lower altitude landing may be chosen after your flight through the mountains if wind or visibility won't allow for mountain top landing)

- Soak up the surroundings and breath the fresh mountain air

- Meditate while the mountains absorb your apana, (negative stagnant energy) leaving you refreshed, energized and inspired.

- Plenty of time will be left for photos, we get it- this isn't an everyday experience!

- 1to 6 Yogi's per flight (800lb maximum), for larger groups please contact us.

Doing Heli Yoga in the Rockies with Kristie was one of the most inspiring & spiritual experiences of my life. An unforgettable time.


Mandy- Stony Plain, Alberta

- Please be about 30 minutes early

- Plan to spend a couple hours on the mountain

- Wear footwear appropriate for rugged terrain, NO flip flops or open toed shoes 

- Please bring an extra wind/rain jacket, we're going into the mountains and it can get chilly

- Please bring water in a non breakable container

- Pack light- helicopters have a maximum takeoff weight and if we're over, we won't be able to takeoff. No extra baggage allowed.

Other notes:

Jasper Helicopter Yoga


Jasper Helicopter Yoga Adventures

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