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Jasper Helicopter Wedding

Silver Package: 

Lake Setting Ceremony

Depart Jasper Hinton Airport and fly to a remote lake setting. This is one of our favourite spots and it's usually calm and tranquil and immersed in green nature.

Have your ceremony at a lake and our pilot waits while you're taking amazing wedding photos. At this time we do not charge for the wait time, and instead we ask for a few of your photos with our helicopter that we can post on our website, Instagram and Facebook page to Congratulate you on your Special Day!  


- 4-hour charter

- 2 lift offs & 2 landings

-  4 passengers

- maximum weight 800lbs

- $3,500 + GST


Jasper Helicopter Weddings

We have a number of incredible places to land for your wedding and photos

Jasper Helicopter Wedding

Gold Package 

Remote Ceremony location

2nd Photo session at a different breathtaking mountainous location


Depart Hinton Airport and fly to a  remote lake or mountain top. Have your ceremony and photos! Approximately 1 to 1 1/2hrs onsite- No rush since this is your day!

Then get back into the helicopter and fly to another incredible spot and take even more wedding photos! Usually this is considered a mini-session and less time is required. 

Possibility of a 3rd remote landing if for whatever reason (weather or lighting) the first two don't make the cut. Or you simply want to snack on your charcuterie board on different mountain top!

There will be no charge for the wait time,  we just ask for some photos of you with our helicopter to post on our website, Instagram and Facebook page to Congratulate you on your Special Day!  

The champagne and charcuterie board is on us!


- All day charter, approximately 7hrs

- 3 or 4 lift off and landings

- 4 passengers

- maximum combined weight 800lbs

- charcuterie & champagne included

- the epic photo of the helicopter flying behind the bride and groom! 

$5000 + GST

Jasper Helicopter Wedding Pricing Options

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Prices are for helicopter time only. Photographer and officiant are additional costs and are chosen and arranged by the bride and groom. However, we do have some amazing recommendations!

The pandemic forever changed the way we do weddings. If your dream wedding is small, private and wild, please check this out and give us a call to create a customized experience just for you.

Please scroll though the gallery to get an idea of the breathtaking locations we can access for you

Or, if you still want a traditional wedding with all your friends and family, perhaps epic wedding photos

are your thing.


We can even fly you to your reception in style.

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