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Jasper Helicopter Adventures

You dream it 

we fly it

Jasper Heli Picnics

Fly into the mountains and land in a beautiful spot to roam  at your own leisurely pace and enjoy a picnic! Pack your own or has us do the work and you relax and enjoy.

An incredible value

Jasper Heli Biking

Mountain Biking on top of a mountain in the rockies. It feels like you're in another world entirely. Epic adventures to brag about with you buddies.

Jasper Heli Hiking

Take an incredible scenic heli tour and then land in the most beautiful landscape, surrounded by nothing but nature and mountains. Can be guided or unguided as the terrain is forgiving and easy to navigate.

Jasper Heli Snowshoeing

Come play in the snow with us! Start with a thrilling scenic helicopter tour and then land at a special place in the mountains to enjoy the powdery snow and freshair!

Jasper Heli Yoga

Helicopter into to the Rocky Mountains to land at remote location and practice Yoga with your best friends. Pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

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