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2 hour Icefield Helicopter Tour Jasper

Imagine seeing this incredible ice field from the sky? The best thing about this ice field helicopter tour Jasper is on our way, we get to land and explore the Rocky mountains, because a landing is included in this tour! Or perhaps you have another location you'd prefer to see? Well we can do that too.

Just let us know and we'll make it happen!

Why would you drive to the glacier, when we offer Icefield Helicopter Tour Jasper in your own private charter helicopter?

6 passengers $666.67 per person

5 Passengers

$800 per person

4 Passengers

$1000 per person

3 Passengers

$1333.33 per person

2 Passengers

$2000 per person

2 Hour Icefield Helicopter Tours Jasper- Testimonial

Ralph, from UK - We really wanted to do both a tour of the Columbia Ice field and a heli tour, and we're so glad we combined the two. It's a very long drive from Jasper all the way to the ice field tour and weren't thrilled about spending another day in the car when our vacation time is so precious. So we decided to splurge on the Icefield Helicopter tour from Jasper and we're so thrilled we did. The scenery was absolutely spectacular, our pilot showed us so many interesting spots we would never have got to see otherwise, we landed and ate our lunch in the most incredible location, too. Waterfalls, incredible mountainous peaks, dazzling blue water- It was all part of the package. It was a trip of a lifetime for us!

2 hour Icefield Helicopter Tour Jasper

Of course, you can make this 2 hour Icefield helicopter tour Jasper whatever you'd like it to be! Like all of our tours, they are fully customizable and in 2 hours we can do alot and go alot of places! Stay off the beaten track or enjoy the tourist usuals. It's up to you, so please let us know if there is something else you had in mind. The above indicated flight path is just one example. Of course weather and flight regulations will play a role in determining where we can take you. We are local pilots that love showing off our backyards to visitors! 

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