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Sell seats for 15% commission earned in cash or towards your own seat

Heli Yoga Information

for Yoga Teachers and Studio Owners

Booking 2024 dates now

How it works

- Book your day of Heli Yoga with Jasper Hinton Air

- You manage the marketing of your Heli Yoga trip, we will provide some content and our logo.

- Sell seats at $399 + gst per person- this is our retail rate and may not be changed. You collect the money and we invoice you.

- Sell at least 4 seats (not including yourself )

- Earn 15% commission in either cash or credit towards your own seat.

- Enjoy the experience of a life time at a reduced cost and provide your students with a deeply spiritual moment in the mountains

Commission breakdown

Seats sold

not including you

Commission Earned

Cost of Your Seat

$400 minus commission earned












FREE & you make $20



FREE & you make $80



FREE & you make $140



FREE & you make $200

What is Jasper Heli Yoga?

Make a Retreat out of your trip


Recommended Accommodations for your Jasper Heli Yoga Retreat

Charming, Rustic, Affordable

Entrance Ranch

Sweet Cabins, Yoga in a barn loft, friendly casual vibe, beautiful mountain  backdrop

contact: Rocky Notnes

Beautiful, Healthy, Perfection

Journey Northaven Retreat

A true reset from city life, even the beds and linens are free from toxins. Amongst the mountains, dorm style with a roomy kitchen and dining area, perfect for your yoga retreat.

contact: Clint

Pampering, Luxury, Indulgence

Jasper Park Lodge

Every detail is taken care of. The rooms are a step above, the spa treatments are incredible, the food is to die for.

contact: Matthew

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