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helicopter proposal in Jasper

Jasper Helicopter Proposals

mountain top marriage proposal

Fly your sweetheart into the rugged and wild mountains of the Jasper area and propose in a unique and stylish way. Make it a moment they will cherish forever and can't wait to tell their friends about. There is no better way to start your proposal vacation together.

An epic time for everyone involved, including us - We love Jasper helicopter proposals!

A gallery of photos taken from our INCREDIBLE landing spots

helicopter wedding proposal

Silver Package

Your Silver Jasper Helicopter Proposal package includes a 30 minute helicopter tour of Jasper National Park. Highlighted by a surprise landing where you have 30 minutes to wander and explore,

and then get down on one knee to propose! 

$1599 + GST

Gold Package

Your Gold Jasper Helicopter Proposal package includes:

- 40 minute helicopter tour of the Jasper National Park

- Surprise mountaintop landing 

- Total of 1 hour on the mountain

 A photoshoot with a professional photographer and

photos are yours to keep and print!

-  Champagne on the mountain

We make the arrangements for you - No stress for you.

$2199 + GST

Jasper National Park Proposal

Jasper Helicopter Proposals


 I am absolutely thrilled to provide my wholehearted recommendation for doing a heli-proposal with Jasper Hinton Air. I chose a Gold package and it was amazing. Their exceptional services and commitment to excellence have left a lasting impression on me. From the moment I reached out to them for assistance, they showcased their professionalism, creativity, and unwavering dedication to fulfilling my requirements. When I first approached Jasper Hinton Air Heli proposals, I was so nervous about proposing to my girlfriend and arranging from a different country and time zone I thought would be difficult. However, their team of experts quickly put my mind at ease. They took the time to listen attentively to my ideas, understand my goals, and provided invaluable insights that helped shape the perfect proposal. Their attention to detail and ability to think outside the box truly set them apart. Jasper Hinton Air Heli proposals demonstrated an impressive level of creativity throughout the entire process. They effortlessly translated my vision into a comprehensive and visually stunning proposal. The location was absolutely stunning and our friends and family were blown away by the incredible photos. Kristie arranged a photographer who pretended to be on assignment for another project and my girlfriend Katie had no clue what was about to happen. Their suggestions and additions elevated the overall quality and impact of the experience. What truly distinguishes Jasper Hinton Air Heli proposals is their exceptional customer service. They consistently went above and beyond to ensure my complete satisfaction. They promptly addressed any concerns or questions I had, providing clear and concise explanations that made the entire experience seamless and stress-free. Their friendly and approachable demeanor made it a pleasure to work alongside them. Furthermore, the Jasper Hinton Air Heli proposals team demonstrated a deep understanding of the aviation industry. Their expertise and knowledge were evident in every aspect of their work.  Thanks to their outstanding work, my partner said yes very enthusiastically!  I know why their track record is perfect for proposals!

Jason, from Australia June 2023

Silver Package


Gold Package


Platnium Package


On a budget and these packages are a little too pricey for you?

Maybe 2 seats in a non private tour are all you need. Please visit our non private group tour page and when you book just let us know it's for a proposal! We'll make arrangements with the pilot to have a camera ready for you.

When we land, you can have a moment to propose when you exit the helicopter. This is still a truly beautiful experience!

Platinum Package

Your Platinum Jasper Helicopter Proposal package includes:

- An all day helicopter excursion, with up to 2 hours of flight time

- 2 mountain landings

- Heli paddle boarding at a blue glacier lake (or a beautiful hike if it's too chilly!)

- Mountaintop picnic with a delicious charcuterie board  from Mountain Grazing Co.

- Champagne to celebrate!

- A professional photographer to document your special moment

We make the arrangements - No stress for you.

Photos are included and yours to cherish forever!

- Please allow 6-7 hours for this experience and book at least one week in advance:)

$5899 + GST

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