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Jasper Heli Snowshoeing

Combine the thrill of a Jasper helicopter tour and adventure of a snowshoe trek in the midst of the wild Canadian Rockies.

Free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the busy trails and embrace the tranquility Jasper is famous for. 

This combo makes for an incredible experience you will never forget.


1 to 6 passengers, 800lbs max

Jasper Heli Snowshoeing

Whether you're an experienced mountaineer or brand new to snowshoeing and have never seen a mountain before, we have you covered! We can tailor the experience to what you'd like to experience. We have an option to add a mountain guide or you if you're comfortable leading yourself, you can choose an unguided adventure. Our snow shoe treks can be easy, gentle terrain along a ridge line where it's impossible to get lost,

or deep powder in a majestic mountain valley or atop an ethereal frozen lake.


Jasper Heli Snowshoeing Details:

- Approximately 30 minutes of total flight time through the mountains Jasper National Park

- A landing in a stunning snowy location

- One hour onsite (or longer depending on availability of helicopter and pilot). If temperatures are cold, holding time onsite will be reduced for safety reasons.

- Snowshoes are included

- Bad jokes and lots of local area stories from our pilots

- $1600 for 1 to 6 people

- Combined total weight of passengers and all gear must not exceed 800lbs

- Of course the availability of snow is a big factor on this experience! Typically we run the Heli Snowshoeing from mid November until about April. Unfortunately we don't control the weather

and if there is no snow for your trip, we can seamlessly convert this to a unique Heli-Hiking experience for you.

- This is a private chartered aircraft reserved especially for you. That means no strangers will be added to you trip. If you don't need the entire helicopter to yourself and would like to join a group, please click here.

- If you have a large group with more than 6 people, please contact us. Depending on the number of people, we can always work something out for you.


 1-6 people

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