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Sunset Cruise

Jasper Helicopter Tour

1- 6 people (1000lb max)

30 minute helicopter flight

$849 + tax - SAVE $150!

Available October 13- 29th 2023 only

6:00pm check in

Cruise over the rockies while the sun dips down creating incredible silhouettes with the dramatic rocky peaks.

A 30 minute tour departing from the Jasper Hinton Airport will whisk you along the immense Boule range into the Moosehorn Valley. Then zip through the main Athabasca valley towards Miette Hotsprings. Fly along the winding ridge of Folding Mountain on your way back down, watching the sky come alive with the colors of autumn. There is nothing like witnessing the golden hour from your aerial seat in the heavens.

Sunset Cruise Jasper Helicopter Tour


What time?

Please check in at 6:00pm for your Sunset Cruise Jasper Helicopter Tour! This will give us time to go through your safety briefing and gather all your details for the flight manifest. When the lighting is just right we'll lift off and ascend into the mountains. Lift off is likely around 6:30pm.

What if the weather is too poor to fly?

We will attempt to reschedule your flight, but we also understand travellers have somewhat inflexible time frames. If it's impossible to reschedule we will refund your deposit 100%. Please keep in mind, the weather doesn't have to be perfect to fly. We're in a helicopter- we can go around the ugly rain clouds! 

What should I bring? 

Outdoor clothing and your best camera! absolutely no flip flops please.

We have more than 6 people, can we still go?

Yes! We have two helicopters. Tandem flight anyone?! Contact us to arrange.

Is there an age limitation?

Nope! We can take all ages. And yes we have ear muffs for little ones. Under two years of age can either be seated in their car seat or on an adults lap.

We are only two people in our group can we join another group?

$850 is for the entire aircraft and it's a private tour just for you and your party. Sorry we won't be combining groups or selling individual seats for this promo. 

Sunset Jasper Helicopter Tour

Experience the breathtaking beauty of a sunset like never before with our exclusive helicopter ride. Soar above the world and witness nature's most mesmerizing masterpiece unfold before your eyes, on this Sunset Jasper Helicopter Tour 


As the golden sun begins its descent, embark on a journey that will take your breath away. Our expert pilots will guide you through the sky, providing you with an unforgettable aerial view of the changing colors and stunning landscapes below.


Imagine the sheer thrill of hovering above the mountains, as the vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple paint the jagged peaks. Capture this magical moment from a perspective reserved only for a privileged few. With panoramic windows on our state-of-the-art helicopters, every seat offers an unobstructed view, ensuring you won't miss a single detail of this awe-inspiring spectacle.


Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, planning a romantic surprise, or simply seeking an extraordinary adventure, our Jasper helicopter ride during sunset is the perfect choice. Share this unforgettable experience with a loved one, as you create memories that will last a lifetime.

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