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Jasper helicopter picnics

Jasper Helicopter Picnics

$1599 - $1779
up to 6 passengers
750- 800lbs maximum group weight


Jasper Helicopter Picnics!

Take an incredible and scenic helicopter flight through the Jasper Rocky Mountains and land atop a mountain in the perfect location for beautiful photos. Just enough time to explore the area, take in the incredible mountainous views and breath the fresh air! Bring your own lunch or enjoy a lovely chartcuterie board from Mountain Grazing Co. and wine or baileys and hot chocolate for the colder days!

Your Jasper Helicopter Picnic flight details:

Your flight time is a minimum of 30 minutes total and it's a breathtaking 30 minutes! You'll be whisked away into the peaks of Roche Miette range, soar amongst these giants while you view the meandering Fiddle River, learn the local names and stories of these incredible landmarks, view Miette Hot springs from the air- so neat to see from above if you plan to visit on the ground! You can check every item off your bucket list - Turquoise blue lakes, winding rocky mountain rivers, inspiring mountains with a life source all of their own, expansive valleys of green, white or orange depending of the time of year and a landing set perfectly into the landscape of incredible scenery.

Delicious charcuterie boards from Mountain Grazing Co!

Jasper Helicopter Picnic Details

$1599 - $1779 CDN

- Price is for the aircraft and we can take 1-6 people- this is a private charter just for your group.

- Price is the same whether you bring 1 or 6 people- Think of it like a hotel room, fill it up and it's affordable!

- No food included: 800lbs combined total maximum for all passengers and their gear/baggage

Picnic and wine included: 750lbs total maximum for all passengers and gear.

- If your group has more than 6 people or more than the allowable weight we can take two helicopters or one helicopter can do two trips and price would be double. Please contact us to book.

- Time spent at the landing zone is a about 30- 45 minutes. We'll stay all day if our schedule allows, but experience tells us that people will generally want to go home after about an hour, especially if it's a bit chilly.

Please discuss this with your pilot prior to take off.

- No marijuana products on board the aircraft please.

- Please dress appropriate for weather. No flip flops. If it's winter, wear many layers of clothing and a windproof outer layer.

- Please pack light. Helicopters have a maximum weight take off and if we're over the limit we will have to cancel the flight.

- Flights can be booked as far up to 1 hour in advance but for food included adventures, it's best to book a week in advance, as we need time to arrange this.

- All adventures depart from the Jasper Hinton Airport, please come right into the small terminal. Don't worry it's a tiny airport, you'll find the terminal!

- Please be about 30 mins early, and if you arrive extremely early, there may not be someone there to meet you. We're out flying!

Duration of the entire experience:

Approximately 2.5 - 3 hours from start to finish 

- Don't need the whole helicopter to yourself? We have a couple options for you!

jasper helicopter picnics folding mountain.png

$1599 + tax
800lbs maximum

$1779 + tax
750lbs maximum

This is the perfect way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or even a unique gift idea for Mother's Day or Father's Day! Is there an important event coming up? Someone you love celebrating a big career milestone?

See the Canadian Rocky Mountains from this unique perspective that only a private helicopter can provide!

Starting at $267 per person!

based on 6 person occupancy

Available all year long, dependent on weather, of course!

We love winter picnics!

Collect Memories instead of things

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