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Frequently Asked Questions

Weather Cancellations

You will be refunded 100% of your deposit if the weather is too poor to fly. If we can see mountains and we feel like it will still be a wonderful experience for you and your loved ones, we take you out flying. Sometimes people still want to fly despite not being able to see mountains, as they just want to experience being in a helicopter! If this is the case and it's safe enough to fly- we will still take you flying!

Age restrictions?

We do not have any age restrictions. Children under two years of age can be seated in their car seats or on an adults lap- as per Transport Canada law. And yes we have some hearing protection for the little ones:)

Also, the eldest we've taken is 95 years old, so we're looking to beat that record! 

Mobility Issues?

We can definitely help with loading and unloading anyone who has mobility issues. We will need to know in advance so please write us a note in the section - "anything else we should know" on the booking form.

Nervous Flyers

If you haven't flown in a helicopter before and have visions in your mind of bouncing around like you're in a washing machine, relax! Thats not what it's like! The most common response from people who were a little hesitant about flying is "Its so much smoother that I expected!"

Can you pick us up/drop us off at a location in Jasper National Park?

No. Commercial aircrafts are not allowed to land in a National Park unless they have a permit from the National Park. It's very very difficult to obtain and permits will not be given for recreational purposes, even if you're the King of the world. Besides with charters, you have to pay for helicopter time to position the aircraft where you want to be picked up, so why not be inside enjoying the ride right from our location at the Jasper Hinton Airport.

Will I see mountains?

Absolutely! We are located on the edge of the Rockies and fly over and through the mountains. If the weather is so too poor to see mountains then we'll reschedule or refund your deposit.

Will I see Glaciers?

YES! you can see glaciers on our 60 minute tour to Maligne Lake, our 90 minute tour to Mount Robson or our iconic 2 hour tour to the Columbia IceFields!

Unfortunately there are no glaciers on our 30 minute tour.

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