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How to Plan a GREAT Jasper Heli Elopement

Be flexible


Mother nature makes a mess of even the best made plans!


We recommend to be in the Jasper Hinton area for 3 days, schedule your Jasper heli-elopement on the morning of the first day and the next day as back up incase the weather isn’t great. Just fyi the best time to fly is the morning, as later in the day the wind will pick up and mountain landings might become impossible. Most photographers love the sunset lighting and will want to go later. Consider sunrise! Although you’ll have to be up incredibly early the lighting is incredible and winds are favorable!


I know it’s difficult to book and hold a photographer or wedding officiant for two days but all you can do is ask. Most photographers love cloud cover, so they won’t be upset if it’s not perfect flying weather. Don’t expect perfect flying weather and no one will be disappointed!

Invest in beautiful coat


It's likely going to be cold, even if it's summer it can snow in the mountains and that's why you’re here- for the mountains! So be prepared. So many beautiful weddings we do on the mountain the bride was sporting a coat that did not go with her dress and yes she took it off for photos but….she wished she had some more appropriate, warm and cozy. Gentlemen prefer not to freeze too, so bring something you feel great in and looks good with your suit or tux!

Don't check the weather forecast

Seriously don’t. Unless it’s less than 24hrs in advance the forecast is wildly inaccurate and will change 14 times a day. So don’t torture yourself! As pilots we are always checking the forecast and have come to the conclusion that checking it too far in advance is a complete waste of time and creates a lot of unnecessary stress. You’re getting married, it’s a big thing and you don’t need more things to stress about! So don’t. As a rule we do not discuss weather until 1-2 hours before the flight. Don’t call us to discuss weather. If we think it’s going to be an issue, we’ll be touch. 

Plan for Wind

It's going to be windy on the mountain tops. Very windy. This means your hair style, clothing and everything should be able to withstand it. Fragile curls won’t last! A structured updo, with a bit of holding power would be amazing!

Have an epic plan B

It's rare but sometimes we won't be able to fly for a few days. Even if you have a 2-3 day window, it could be poor weather the entire time. So with the right officiant you can plan a hike into an epic spot. It won’t be as amazing as a Jasper heli-elopement but you can spend the money you save on your honey moon!

Give accurate weights of everything- including yourself and all items you’d like to bring

Helicopters are extremely weight sensitive, especially when doing high altitude landings. DON’T BRING UNNECESSARY ITEMS! And if you have something important you’d like to bring please let us know asap, so we can plan for it. It has happened where people want to bring something along and we couldn’t squeeze it in. Had we known we would have booked a second helicopter or made some allowances but last minute add ins don’t always work.

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