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재스퍼 헬리콥터 하이킹

재스퍼 헬리콥터 하이킹

우리는 열렬한 주말 전사 등산객을 위한 다양한 옵션을 알고 있습니다! 몇 마일을 하이킹할 수 있고 길을 잃지 않을 수 있는 산봉우리에서  하드코어 운동선수와 오리엔티어를 위한 루프 및 오르막! 

가이드 또는 가이드 없이 재스퍼 헬리콥터 하이킹 여행 가능

시작가 $1000 

귀하의 그룹에 가장 적합한 옵션에 대해 논의하려면 저희에게 전화하십시오.

Heli Hiking Silver Package

Take off into the Rocky Mountains in a Bell 206 Long ranger helicopter to enjoy views only accessible from a helicopter! Experience the alpine peaks up close without having to hike or climb all the way up! Instead catch a thrilling ride and relax on the way.

Your pilot will land you and your guests upon a mountain top* where you're surrounded by unbelievable topography. Get out and explore! Hike or simply take photos and enjoy the moment.

Take up to one hour to revel in the magnificent landscape.

The pilot and helicopter will wait onsite for you.

This is a self guided experience.

Total flying time is approximately 30- 35 minutes.

Please allow at least 3-4 hours in your schedule for this experience. Often times we will expand the length of your stay in the wilderness if our schedule and the mountain allows for it. 

Looking for something a little extra? 

Check out our Gold Package below


Jasper Heli Hiking GOLD Package

Looking for a little extra challenge but also a safe and beautiful experience?


This GOLD package includes:

- helicopter drop off (after a thrilling mountainous tour),

- approximately 6 hours to hike a skyline at 7500ft

- an experienced mountain hiking guide

- helicopter pick up at your destination 

- scenic restful flight back to your starting location

$3299 for up 5 people

Maximum combined total weight of all passengers and gear = 600lbs

Terrain is not technically challenging, however a moderate level of fitness is necessary to reach your destination before sunset.

Jasper Heli Hiking Silver Package Details

Jasper Heli Hiking Details:

$1600 total for 1-6 passengers 

$267 per person when taking 6 people

$320 per person when taking 5 people

$400 per person when taking 4 people

$534 per person when taking 3 people

$800 per person when taking 2 people

Capacity - Total weight of all passengers and gear not to exceed 800 lbs


6 seats available

Total duration of experience approximately 3 hours.

* Landings are subject to change due to weather and pilot will determine the best landing spot for the current conditions.

Don't need the entire helicopter to yourself?

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