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Available Seats


September 23, 2023



25 Minute Heli  tour

$329 + GST


October 9th, 2023


55 min tour + heli hike

$699 + GST


October 13, 2023


25 Minute Heli tour



January 8,



Heli Adventure

with landing

$499 + GST

Individual Seat Sales

Travelling in a tiny group and don't need the entire helicopter to yourself?

Join another group on our heli tours and adventures!

We do offer public group tours but it's limited so read up on all the details below

NON Private Booking Request

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To initiate a flight:

* we appreciate if your flight can be booked 1 week in advance (if you're less than one week - please scroll up to our list of available seats in existing flights that you can join below)

* 2 seats must be paid in full to guarantee your flight, if you are travelling solo, you will be given the co-pilot seat because you had to pay extra!

* Cancellation Policy on these flights is one week (7 days). If weather is too poor to fly we will attempt to find a suitable time, if that doesn't work your payment is refunded.

* Heli Adventures will not include food or drinks. Please bring your own, if you need it:)

* Please fill in the booking form and we'll send you a date and time for your flight and an invoice. Please note that because we are doing are best to arrange different groups together, we won't have flexibility on the timing of your flight, please do your best to accommodate the time slot we've created for you.

Heli-Adventures- Picnic, Hike or Yoga

$499 per seat

25 minute Jasper Heli Tour

$329 per seat

55 minute Jasper Heli Tour

$699 per seat

Please add 5% GST tax to all above prices

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