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Kristie was always secretly interested in flying helicopters... Finally, after trying to find other careers that would fail to fulfill her Kristie began her flying in 2014 in Victoria, BC. Flying in the coastal mountains is some of the most challenging type of flying there is. Risk mitigation is her strong point and she is a trained CASO (Company Aviation Safety Officer). It was fun living and flying on the coast for awhile but the pandemic brought her home to Alberta. After ocean winds with coastal fog, she's very happy to be experiencing the Alberta sunshine and the incredible Rocky Mountains.  She calls Hinton home and enjoys all the outdoors activities it has to offer. Kristie loves being a Hinton Jasper Helicopter pilot.


Besides flying helicopters, she loves mountain biking, dirt biking, fishing (if the bite is on) and Yoga . She's been teaching Yoga since 2000 and is excited about bringing her two passions together with Heli Yoga! She doesn't like being cold or taking selfies.

Jasper Helicopter Pilot: Kristie

More of Kristie's story is coming soon in video format like Steve's. She's busy flying right now though, so it's going to have to wait.

Heli Yoga



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