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20 Minute Jasper Helicopter Tour

Starting at $100 per person

Based on 6 person occupancy

6 Passengers

$100 per person

5 Passengers

$120 per person

4 Passengers

$150 per person

3 Passengers

$200 per person

2 Passengers

$300 per person

20 Minute Jasper Helicopter Tour 

This is our least expensive Jasper Helicopter Tour option and it's perfect for those who are on a budget or easily get motion sickness but still want a thrilling experience. We understand you want to live life to it's fullest, but don't have unlimited resources. Thats why we created this 20 minute Jasper helicopter tour. At such a reasonable rate it's a perfect gift for birthdays, fathers or mothers day, anniversaries or just because! It's just enough time to get in the air see amazing scenery and land safely back at the airport.

In our Bell long ranger helicopter we travel fast. In 20 minutes we can reach beyond the ridges of folding mountain and gaze upon incredible Fiddle Range or travel north west to the alpine peaks reaching upwards above Brule lake, where we might even see a big horn sheep!

20 Minute Jasper Helicopter Tour Route

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