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60 minute

Jasper Helicopter Tours

Starting at $333.34 per person

When you bring 5 friends!

 You deserve the trip of a lifetime.

60 minutes of air time above these majestic mountains, rivers and lakes. View the rugged Canadian Wilderness from the comfort of your own private helicopter charter. Our top priority at Jasper Hinton Air is your safety and enjoyment. Let us impress you.

Please book your 60 minute Jasper helicopter tour at the beginning of your vacation. This way if we experience a weather delay, you can still enjoy a heli tour of Jasper before you leave for good.

You can see ALOT in 60 minutes. This route is only one example and most people are left in awe. If you have something different in mind, we're up to hearing it! Our pilots are local and  have been flying this area for more than a decade. We know all the secret spots. We're more than happy to customize your Jasper helicopter tour. Just let us know! 

This route is one of our proposed flight plans, but here's a disclaimer for you: It's always subject to change because we have to play nice with Mother Nature. Whether it's fog, high winds, smoke, low cloud or even air regulations we sometimes need to change things up. We want to make sure you have a wonderful 60 minute Jasper Helicopter Tour but we also need to keep you safe. I'm sure you can understand.

The 60 minute heli tour is a great option for people who are serious about an epic adventure or getting the perfect picture. Sometimes it does take a little more time to get some great shoots, as we can do a couple turns to get the lighting just right. For the more adventurous souls or those who've spent some time in a helicopter before this would be a great choice as well. You get to see so much more in 60 minutes, it would be an honour to show you and your loved ones our favourites spots. 

6 Passengers

$333.33 per person

5 Passengers

$400 per person

4 Passengers

$500 per person

3 Passengers

$666.67 per person

2 Passengers

$1000 per person

Alistar from Edmonton - We did a 60 minute heli tour with Jasper Hinton Air in the summer with a group of 5 people and it was incredible. They were the only ones who were able to accommodate a group of this size and allow us all to go at the same time. There was a little smoke in the area from the forest fires but it didn't take away from the experience at all, instead it added a very mystical effect to the flight. The photos turned out amazing because of the particles in the air it added some depth perception. Every nook and cranny of the mountains was visible in a different layer. I'm a hobby photographer and have never seen anything like that. Having a whole 60 minutes in the air was what allowed me to get some great shots, I feel like I would have been rushed if it was any shorter. My wife and son had the thrill of lifetime and I fulfilled a dream. Very grateful for such a beautiful experience.

Jody from Spruce Grove - WOW! Just wow! I've lived in Alberta my whole life and we finally treated ourselves to a helicopter tour in our own back yard. Every aspect of the experience was great. Right from our arrival at the Jasper Hinton Airport the pilot Steve was very professional. He knew the do's and don'ts of this area and I felt comfortable right away. I'm a nervous flyer, but was put at ease quickly. Even the safety briefing was fun! LOL. The flight is something the kids and our friends are still talking about. Being so close to the mountain tops was breathtaking and crazy to think about how inaccessible parts of our land is, so few hands have touched those spots. We're so lucky! This tour made our vacation very special. 




Don't need the entire helicopter to yourself?

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